With EyeGate’s Carpark Management Solutions, you can turn any carpark into a ticketless system that is fast, accurate and convenient.

EyeGate’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) patent pending hardware can be deployed in indoor and outdoor car parks.

EyeGate’s Carpark Management Solutions were designed from the ground up to leverage License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to transform the everyday management of parking areas.

EyeGate’s end-user customer-centric solutions are designed to provide speed, accuracy, and convenience. With clever use of the data, the customers develop trust with the system and a loyalty to the carpark owner/operator.

EyeGate’s data-driven LPR solutions give carpark owner/operators greater opportunity to understand parking patterns that can help them tailor solutions that drive more business and loyalty to the carpark.

EyeGate’s enforcement management solution makes it easy for managing parking infringements. The mobile infringement management app provides enforcement officers with the ability to issue infringement notices.

EyeGate’s solutions make it easy and convenient for customers to pay anytime and anywhere. They can pay onsite, online via The Web or mobile app.